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Through SatAgro, it’s never been easier for you to make use of satellite imagery from NASA, the European Space Agency and private satellite operators. We process data for each of your fields individually and send it to in an easy-to-understand format that will help you to increase your farm’s efficiency. With our app, you can monitor your crops’ development in near real-time, observe the effects of weather events and agronomic treatments, and use historical data to improve decision-making. Custom-built variable-rate prescription maps allow you to sow, fertilise and spray with unprecedented precision. Automated alarms will warn you about sudden changes in crop condition and weather. Optimise and even reduce your use of agrochemicals, protect the environment, and use SatAgro to help you maximise your land’s potential.

Our intuitive user interface is simple and easy-to-use. Not sure about something? Top-notch customer support assists you every step of the way.

Our services

Crop monitoring

Historical data

Prescription maps
Event and treatment log
Profitability analysis (beta)
Water management (beta)
Weather forecast
User data import
Soil sampling support
Yield estimation (beta)

With satellite data, it’s easier to monitor the state of the crop in each field. Highlight the variabilities in plant growth and plan appropriate, tailored agronomy, from establishment to harvest.

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Map area – observe variations in crop development within the selected field, and gain insights into the long-term characteristics of the field, such as soil and moisture dynamics.

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Why us?

As specialists who have pioneered satellite data use in farming, we care about the science behind our services. By sharing our expertise with others, we can demonstrate how innovative technologies can not only increase your agricultural efficiency but reduce your environmental footprint. We’re taking precision agriculture to a whole new level, driven and refined by our customers’ needs.

Our clients

SatAgro is an interesting system with many practical uses. Thanks to the SatAgro app, we’ve been able to achieve substantial reductions in our use of fertiliser.

Dr Jaroslaw Grocholski
Vice President
PPHiU ARENDA Sp. z o.o.

SatAgro is a powerful tool with which I can control, analyse and manage my plots thanks to its simplicity and ease of use, providing the most important data, such as satellite images or weather, in a simple way. In addition, thanks to the possibility of generating a temporal evolution of the crop's vegetative index, it has allowed me to reduce fertilizer doses by 20%, obtaining a 15% higher yield.

Marcos Esteve
Ing. Mechanic and farmer

We’ve recently added SatAgro to the precision agriculture technologies we already use. Satellite-based monitoring of crops enables us to manage our operation more effectively and more sustainably.

Grzegorz Arian
OHZ Glogowek Sp. z o.o.

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Try SatAgro tools, both on the web and the mobile version: 1 crop field up to 120 ac

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1.5 $ ac/year
  • Satellite monitoring of your whole farm
  • Managment zones
  • Prescription maps
  • Optimizing soil testing
  • Technical support

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2.0 $ ac/year
  • All services included in Professional
  • High resolution (3 m) monitoring with Planet Labs Inc.
  • Sensor integration (IoT, weather stations)
  • Agronomy advice

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Other services

  • Soil sampling

  • Weather stations / IoT

  • Drone imagery

  • Consulting

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Important questions

  • Is there a minimum field size for SatAgro?

    The quantity and quality of information provided by SatAgro depends on the size and shape of the field. Most of the maps we deliver have a resolution of 10m, giving 100 measurements per hectare. If the monitored field is narrow, more measurements fall on the edge. These can represent areas inside and outside the field boundary. For graphs showing field-wide crop condition, the minimum field size is 10 hectares.

  • Why is satellite data better than other monitoring methods?

    Satellite observations shouldn’t be seen as an ‘either-or’ tool. Many SatAgro users employ other crop monitoring methods alongside satellite data; we often help them integrate it into their accounts. Nevertheless, satellite data has several advantages. Chief among these is its low cost and high quality. Satellite images cover the entire farm (in contrast to drones), even if fields are widely distributed. And satellites scan the entire field, whereas tractor-based ground sensors often scan only along the path. However, the spatial resolution of satellite data (pixel > 3 m) excludes some applications such as weed surveying or detailed crop-loss assessments. Additionally, satellite images are not delivered on demand; they depend on the calendar and weather.

  • Can I get satellite data delivered continuously?

    Availability of satellite data depends on satellite type as well as weather (cloudiness). Some satellites have a daily revisit time (we use such imagery to infer general crop condition on a graph). However, a detailed representation of any given field on a map is possible on average once a week and requires a cloudless sky. In practice during the growth season we deliver just under twenty maps (depending on the weather). Expected satellite flyover dates are marked on a calendar within the SatAgro application. The Premium plan offers access to commercial data from satellites with daily flyovers, that make successful image acquisition much easier - Premium plan users enjoy access to Planet data once a week, excluding extremely cloudy periods.

  • How does SatAgro support clients with data analysis?

    We’re in regular, direct contact with our clients, providing innovative data products and helping users with data interpretation and use. Our blog contains useful articles and instructions to help users extract maximum value from their data.

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